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Together, we can enhance public safety, advance offender accountability, and comprehensively support survivors. Sexual and domestic violence is preventable. Everyone has a role to play in ending violence and building safer communities. Join us in efforts to eliminate violence.

Help end domestic and sexual violence

Actions you can take right now

Use your voice and Advocate for victims and their families. Let people know you support and believe victims. Know our hotline number, share our website and engage on our social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). If someone needs assistance or support, encourage them to call our 24- Hour Confidential hotline at 332-HELP or 883-HELP

Stay informed by following us on social media and attending ATVP events. Support survivors with an online donation to ATVP or by mail today! Mailing Address: ATVP PO BOX 37 Pullman, WA 99163.

Donations are tax deductible.

Financial support delivers direct services to survivors and supports prevention activities across the Palouse.

Consider starting an online fundraiser through Facebook, doing a supply drive, or hosting a small personal fundraiser like a bunco or trivia night with friends and donating monies raised to ATVP.

Attend ATVP fundraisers. Follow us on social media or visit our events page for announcements.

Start the conversation: Sexual and Domestic Violence thrive in silence. Break that silence by talking to your friends and family about the issues. Invest in Youth by talking with them about healthy relationships, consent, and online safety.