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Part-time Domestic Violence Advocate

Focus area: Shelter

Position Open: 11/21/21 –until filled.

ATVP is a not for profit organization that serves both Whitman County, Washington and Latah County, Idaho, offering direct services to victims and survivors of domestic, sexual violence, child abuse and stalking, along with community education programming. We are seeking an ¾ time advocate who will provide a variety of direct services, as well as public education (including prevention) and outreach under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of Domestic Violence Services. 

  • All applicants must be familiar and agree with ATVP’s mission statement and philosophy regarding support to survivors.
  • ATVP is an equal opportunity employer and our agency is committed to a culturally and ethnically diverse work place.
  • All applicants, if hired, will receive 45 hours of pre-service advocacy training as well as a minimum of 30 hours of yearly ongoing training. Ongoing training includes yearly attendance at a state-wide conference and access to national live webinars.
Position:Part-Time Probationary Shelter Advocate
Reports to:Coordinator of Domestic Violence Services
Terms:Non-exempt. (30 hours per week). Some eves and weekends required. Health, vision, and dental benefits included.
Starting Rate:$15.45-$16.90/hour, DOE
Benefits:Paid holidays, vacation and sick. Employee Assistance Program available.
Location:Pullman Office Location
Start Date:Immediate

Applicant Information

The job description is provided below, please read it carefully. The following materials are required for application and will be considered an example of your communication skills and evaluated aspart of the screening process.

The application consists of:

  1. Cover Letter.
  2. Essay. (limit 1 page) Please address how your background, experience and personal philosophies are applicable to this position.
  3. Chronological work/education experience Resume.
    1. Whether paid or volunteer
    2. Hours worked
    3. Reason for leaving each position.

All items must be submitted for applications to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Position is open until filled. First applicant review date of November 21, 2021.

Send completed applications to Andrea Piper-Wentland, Acting Director ATVP, PO Box 37, Pullman, WA 99163 OR email completed applications as PDF files to asst.director@atvp.org.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Perform all work in a culturally responsive manner consistent with ATVP’s mission statement.
  2. Provide direct advocacy services individually or in a group setting to adult and sexual violence victims and survivors.
  3. Provide safety planning, case management, education, referrals and support victims and survivors of
    domestic/sexual violence in the community as well as residing in the shelter.
  4. Co-facilitate domestic violence/sexual assault support group services.
  5. Research, analyze and assess formal curriculum/implement as appropriate.
  6. Develop and present sexual assault educational programming to include youth prevention summer camps, coordinated campus advocacy services, community educational presentations and community outreaches.
  7. Represent the agency and its constituents at community meetings/task forces.
  8. Rotate availability for night, weekend and holiday coverage of and response to emergency staff back up.
  9. Communicate effectively with a wide spectrum of people.
  10. Documentation of services and statistical data entry.
  11. Maintain on-going training hours in accordance with agency standards.
  12. Maintain agency and client confidentiality as required by ATVP policy.
  13. Perform all work in a culturally responsive manner consistent with ATVP’s mission statement.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. An understanding, and agreement with ATVP’s mission statement.
  2. Familiarity with sexual violence dynamics.
  3. Familiarity with domestic violence dynamics.
  4. Ability to be diplomatic and tactful while maintaining a strong victim advocacy perspective.
  5. Ability to work collaboratively with others.
  6. Strong self-motivated worker.
  7. Ability to embrace a team philosophy.
  8. Confident computer skills.
  9. Ability to pass criminal background check.
  10. Current driver’s license and insured vehicle and willingness and ability to provide outreach services across Whitman County, WA.
  11. Ability to work evenings and weekends.
  12. Ability to lift 20lbs and navigate stairs.
  13. Must be a resident of Whitman or Latah County.
  14. COVID-19 Vaccination required.

Desired Background

  1. Bilingual/bicultural in Spanish or Asian Languages and English.
  2. Two years prior advocacy experience in the family/sexual violence field.
  3. BA in relevant field – e.g., social work, education, criminal justice.

Job Description

The Domestic Violence Advocate provides a variety of direct shelter and community advocacy services, (Direct Services, 65% of shelter time) and related maintenance and operational tasks (Maintenance and Operations, 35% of shelter time) under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of Domestic Violence Services including the following:

  1. Provide direct services, including personal advocacy, crisis intervention, support and appropriate referrals to primary and secondary victims of domestic violence, intimate partner violence and stalking, (and to victims and survivors of sexual assault and abuse and other crimes as back up to other advocacy staff) including the assessment of individual needs and options, emotional support, basic legal advocacy, and medical advocacy; facilitate clients’ awareness of the affective, behavioral, and cognitive effects of their experience and enhance their ability to cope/adjust; provide crisis intervention, emergency shelter intakes, and medical support advocacy on evenings/weekends to clients on the hotline or in-person as back-up in rotation with all other direct service staff;[E] 
    1. This position will provide direct advocacy and case management to clients within the shelter facility.  Staff will make every effort to spend a minimum of one hour of structured time per shift with each adult shelter client; and as much unstructured time with adult shelter clients to ensure quality advocacy services are provided.  [E]
  2. Provide child/youth advocacy services to children in shelter,  and provide group services to children of clients attending support groups;  assist with the initial and on-going assessment of each child’s strengths, needs, development and behavior to create and implement an individual education/action plan to meet those concerns, including leading age-appropriate activities and learning experiences; parent education; assist with the integration of this plan with the parent’s case management/goal plan through assistance regarding parenting effectiveness to enable each child to become more self-assured, self-responsible, and self-managing;  support parents to use appropriate  behavior management techniques, including reinforcement, redirection, time-out, and logical consequences; [E]
  3. Respond to shelter intake assessments/emergencies and check-outs that occur during business hours as part of the domestic violence support services team and as part of each staff back up shift.  On-call time active time, client assessment, intake, or shelter emergency either over the phone or in person is paid at regular wage (or overtime if hours worked over 40 in any work week); [E]
  4. Ensure safe and secure communication about client support issues is transferred to shelter staff at the end of any shelter shift;  accurate and timely preparation of client records/on-going documentation as required by ATVP policy, including opening, on-going service notes, and close-out of client files, and paperwork for each client screened and/or admitted to the shelter; as instructed by the CDVS, document services provided; including completion of Summary of Clients Served, Monthly Client Statistics, and Client Profiles; assist with on-going data entry and compilation of client statistics required for various funding sources as requested; [E]
  5. Attempt to ensure that a safe and structured environment is maintained for clients and their children, and staff/advocates/interns while at the shelter;  ensure that clients comply with shelter regulations and appropriately share house responsibilities;  endeavor to maintain security of the shelter at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of clients, staff, and advocates; immediately notify the CDVS or Associate Director of problems or irregularities with the security system ;  ensure that security protocols are maintained at all times; periodically revise security codes and passwords as appropriate; review and update security procedures as appropriate for review and approval by the CDVS or Associate Director; coordinate with the CDVS to ensure that the security system is functional and properly maintained; review footage from security cameras at the beginning of each shift;[E]
  6. Participate in the general maintenance/upkeep/cleaning of the shelter facility, including appliances and grounds and shared staff space, including equitable distribution and completion of these tasks in accordance with the standard checklists to ensure a safe and clean environment; immediately alert the CDVS to repairs or supplies that are needed; Must have the ability to lift 30 lbs. and to navigate stairs. [E]
  7. Coordinate all duties with the shelter staff team with the guidance of the CDVS; meet with the CDVS regularly to ensure appropriate supervision, support, coordinated service provision, communication and opportunities for mutual feedback; [E]
  8. *Serve as facilitator/ co-facilitator for shelter group and/or community dv groups.  [E]
  9. *Provide Outreach Advocacy Program Services at the Colfax office and the DSHS office in Colfax.  Meet all program deliverables and ensure appropriate recording of all statistical data in a timely manner under the direction of the CDVS [E]
  10. With the guidance of the CDVS and AD and approval of the Executive Director assist with monitoring all routine shelter expenditures for food, supplies, personal case, motel vouchers/usage, gas/bus/travel vouchers for shelter clients, and children’s educational/ child advocacy items in accordance with the approved budget and submit expenditures to the CDVS; all non-routine and equipment expenditures require prior approval of the CDVS and Executive Director; [E]
  11. Maintain agency/client confidentiality as required by ATVP policy; ensure security of client records and the shelter office area; [E]
  12. Maintain agency files, including the updating and filing of all ROC’s and other client paperwork, and statistical record keeping in a timely and organized manner; [E]
  13. Participate in shelter, staff, and case conference meetings; facilitate adult house meetings or youth house meetings as directed by the CDVS; [E]
  14. Participate in educational sessions (including self-directed study) for purposes of professional development to ensure current knowledge and skills and compliance with statutory/accreditation/ program standards mandates; [E]
  15. Participate in the agency back up rotation for after hours support to the hotline.
  16. Other special projects as assigned, which may include (but is not limited to) advocate coordination and training, mailings, research, organizing printed materials, etc.). [E]

NOTE:  Holiday, evening, and weekend coverage is required for this position.  Holiday coverage is shared (see the ATVP Policy and Procedures Manual for designated holidays) and scheduling is based on mutual needs of shelter staff within the requirements of coverage, the approval of the CDVS or Associate Director.  Holidays worked and previously approved hours beyond 40/week are paid at time-and-a-half.  Time off must be approved by the CDVS or Associate Director in advance, to ensure sufficient shelter coverage at all times.  Availability of transportation, a valid driver’s license, and minimum required auto insurance are required to be able to fulfill job responsibilities.  ATVP Employee’s must be a resident of either Whitman County, WA or Latah County, ID for back up purposes.

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse

Mission: ATVP empowers individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse and stalking. We work to create a safe and equitable community through education and prevention.

Vision: We envision our community being safe, equitable and free from oppression.

Inclusion Statement: ATVP affirms the right of each person to live without fear of the threat of violence. We recognize that all forms of oppression create a climate which enables gender based violence. We honor and advocate for individual autonomy and self- determination for members of our community. We believe that education is the foundation of creating a safe and equitable community, and the inclusion of youth is imperative for sustainable social change.

Tag Line: Educate. Empower. Prevent.