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Crime Victim Service Center Advocate: Full-Time

Position Open: 8/25/2023

ATVP is a not for profit organization that serves both Whitman County, Washington and Latah County, Idaho, offering direct services to victims and survivors of domestic, sexual violence, child abuse and stalking, along with community education programming. We are seeking a Whitman County Crime Victim Service Center Advocate that will provide a variety of direct and coordinated crime victim advocacy services, and related supportive, as well as strategic
outreach services and public education programming under the direct supervision of the WA CVSC Program Lead Advocate.

  • All applicants must be familiar and agree with ATVP’s mission statement and philosophy regarding support to survivors.
  • ATVP is an equal opportunity employer, and our agency is committed to a culturally and ethnically diverse work place.
  • All applicants, if hired, will receive 45 hours of pre-service advocacy training as well as a minimum of 30 hours of yearly ongoing training. Ongoing training includes yearly attendance at a state-wide conference and access to national live webinars.

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse

Mission: ATVP empowers individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse and stalking. We work to create a safe and equitable community through education and prevention.

Vision: We envision our community being safe, equitable and free from oppression.

Inclusion Statement: ATVP affirms the right of each person to live without fear of the threat of violence. We recognize that all forms of oppression create a climate which enables gender based violence. We honor and advocate for individual autonomy and self-determination for members of our community. We believe that education is the foundation of creating a safe and equitable community, and the inclusion of youth is imperative for sustainable social change.

Tag Line: Educate. Empower. Prevent.

Position: Full-Time Crime Victim Service Center Advocate (40hrs/wk).
Reports to: WA-CVSC Program Lead Advocate
Terms: Full-Time. Non-exempt. (40 hours per week). Some eves and weekends required.
Starting Rate: $18.00 per hour.
Benefits: Paid holidays, vacation and sick.
Location: Pullman Office Location
Start Date: Immediate
Requirements: COVID 19 Vaccination, Drivers license, Car Insurance, Ability to Pass Federal and State Background Checks.

Application Information:

The job description is provided below, please read it carefully. The following materials are required for application and will be considered an example of your communication skills and evaluated as part of the screening process.

The application consists of:

  1. Cover Letter.
    1. Essay. (limit 1 page) Please address how your background, experience and personal philosophies are applicable to this position.
    2. Chronological work/education experience Resume.
      1. Whether paid or volunteer
      2. Hours worked
      3. Reason for leaving each position.

All items must be submitted for applications to be considered completeIncomplete applications will not be considered. Position is open until filled.

Send completed applications to Kateisha Moreno, Program Manager at program.manager@atvp.org or mail to ATVP, PO Box 37, Pullman, WA 99163.

Job Description:

  1. Serve as the CVSC Region 8 Advocate under the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy Grant
    • a.) Collaborate with Region 8 Crime Victim Service Center agencies to ensure
      comprehensive services as available and accessible to individuals who have been
      hurt or harmed.
      b.) Provide guidance to other Region 8 crime victim service center advocates or
      volunteers as necessary.
      c.) Ensure compliance with CVSC benchmarks with support from the CVSC supervisor [E];
  2. Provide culturally appropriate advocacy services, legal and systems advocacy to clients
    (primary and secondary) who have been hurt or harmed and their children residing in
    Washington (Region 8), including (but not limited to):
    • a.) Crisis counseling and intervention; information and referral; emotional support and supportive advocacy; the assessment of individual needs and options; facilitate individuals’ awareness of the affective, behavioral, and cognitive effects of their experience and enhance their ability to cope/adjust; provide follow-up services/case management as appropriate;
    • b.) Emergency legal advocacy and assistance such as accompanying service participants to court; explaining civil legal processes and options; assisting in the completion of required paperwork; and conducting appropriate follow up. Emergency legal advocacy will include, but is not limited to: filing temporary restraining orders, injunctions, and other protective orders, elder abuse petitions, and child abuse petitions as they relate to general crimes;
    • c.) Criminal justice assistance and support; The provision of advocacy services to a service participant during any stage of the criminal justice process; includes postsentencing services, support, and conducting appropriate follow up;
    • d.) Provision of systems advocacy including medical advocacy, personal advocacy; assist clients securing rights, remedies, and services from other agencies, intervening with employers, creditors, and others on behalf of the victim; providing information and assistance in filing for Crime Victims Compensation (CVC); provision of medical advocacy though hospital response and accompaniment;
    • e.) Document all direct services as required. [E]
  3. Compile and enter all data related to Crime Victim Services into INFONET and other current reports as directed by the Program Manager and ED. [E]
  4. Maintain and foster community an inter-agency relationships and coordinated services
    related to CVSC program services, including other social service providers, area law
    enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys; arrange routine and special need
    meetings/discussions/case conferences and participate in community/agency function as
    appropriate. All related activities will be fulfilled as directed by the CVSC lead and outlined
    in the CVSC yearly plan. [E]
  5. Participate in staff, and scheduled case conference meetings; attend monthly advocate
    meetings as necessary; in the absence of the CVSC lead, facilitate the CVSC program
    updates and pertinent information dissemination during scheduled agency meetings as
    required; inform the CVSC lead of appointments, assignments, and progress/status on a
    regular basis. [E]
  6. Participate in educational sessions (including self-directed study) for purposes of
    professional development to ensure current knowledge and skills and compliance with
    statutory/accreditation/program standards/mandates; [E]
  7. Provide back-up only to the DV and SA programs when no other DV or SA staff are available, in line with agency practices of cross training for all staff; [E]
  8. Maintain agency/client confidentiality as required by ATVP policy; ensure security of client
    records and the office areas; [E]
  9. Participate in the back-up rotation of the office cell phone to ensure staff availability in
    emergency situations. [E]
  10. Other duties as assigned. [E]

*NOTE: Some evening, weekend and holiday hours will be required. Holidays worked and
previously approved hours beyond 40/week are paid at time-and-a-half. Availability of
transportation, a valid driver’s license, and minimum required auto insurance are required to be able to fulfill job responsibilities. This position includes service hours primarily in the public offices. This position will be part of the after-hours response team and as such, residency in either Whitman County, WA or Latah County, ID is required.