What do Advocates Do?

ATVP is committed to providing services within an empowerment model, offering clients the opportunity to consider a wide range of options as the individual needs and circumstances dictate and a safe, supportive environment in which to reach decisions.

Within this framework, ATVP advocates work to ensure that people have the best possible information, identify useful resources, and help clients put their decisions into practice. Specific services the agency offers are listed below:

24-Hour Crisis Intervention

ATVP staff and trained volunteer advocates are available 24-hours to provide intervention and support by phone or in-person. High standards are maintained by ATVP through a comprehensive training program. Collect calls accepted. Call (208) 883-HELP (4357) or (509) 332-HELP (4357)

Support Groups

Victims and survivors share their experiences and offer support to one another in a safe, confidential setting. Goals include education, empowerment, self-esteem building, problem solving, safety planning, and reduction of anxiety and stress resulting from victimization. In some cases, child advocacy is provided. See our support groups page for more information.

Medical Advocacy

Arrangement of transportation and accompaniment to medical services for purpose of treatment, evidence collection, and health risk assessments. If at all possible, do not wash, bathe, drink, douche, or change clothes prior to a medical or rape exam. However, if you already have washed, don't despair as valuable evidence can still be present even after a bath.

Legal Advocacy

Help and support with legal information, civil protection orders, and referral. Accompaniment to police, prosecutor and attorney interviews, and court support through sentencing and follow-up.

Victim Notification

Register with VINE so you can be advised immediately if there is a change in an offender's custody status, to be notified that a protective order has been served, and to receive a 30-day notice when protective orders are scheduled to expire.

Emergency Shelter

Safe, confidential shelter, providing food and clothing for survivors of domestic violence and their children. Staff available 24 hours a day for help and emotional support. Case management is provided. Individuals living with disabilities will be accommodated. See our shelter page for more information.

Child Advocacy

Help, support and age-appropriate activities specifically designed for children and/or teens who have been affected by domestic violence or sexual assault.

Information and Referrals

ATVP works cooperatively with other agencies in Latah and Whitman Counties and provides information and referral to area resources. (e.g., housing, legal, counseling, and financial.)

Community Education and Prevention Programs

ATVP provides free prevention and community education opportunites, including presentations, trainings, outreach events, brochures and other written materials. These presentations can be tailored for any school, university, service provider, or community group - as well as being adjusted to be age-appropriate.

Advocacy-Based Counseling

Involves trained individuals who help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in an individual, family, or group setting.

ATVP Services

ATVP provides 24 hour emergency and supportive services to family and sexual violence victims and survivors and their children. Services are available for concerned, supportive family members, friends and community members.

ATVP services are free, confidential, and provided to clients without discrimination on the basis of physical or mental disability, race, ethnicity, color, religion, political beliefs, gender, gender identity (or expression), age, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, pregnancy, income, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

ATVP also has an outreach and education program that focuses on increasing understanding, awareness, and ultimately on preventing family and sexual violence.

ATVP provides services to all crime victims through the Region 8 Crime Victim Service Center for Whitman County.

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